Wastewater master plan: makes allowance for the future development of the metropolitan area, supplements the existing diagnostic studies with a view to making the best possible use of the architecture and operation of the networks and treatment, forecasts expenditure and ensures an efficient programme of investments. Consideration is also given to how full advantage can be taken of a large number of backflow stations which are a feature of the Nantes Métropole infrastructure. Reducing the number of stations might make it possible to reduce energy consumption and the risks of hydrogen sulphide formation.

Rainwater master plan : ensures that it is clear what investments must be made for rainwater from the point of view of both the qualitative aspects (discharges into the natural environment) and quantitative aspects (flooding) and ensures consistency with the European Framework Directive, the Water Treatment and Management Master Plan for the Loire basin and the Water Treatment and Management Plan for the water catchment sub-areas (Erdre, Sèvre Nantaise, Lac de Grand Lieu, Estuaire) with a view to prioritising operations against a backdrop of reductions in financial resources and to potentially making changes to the treatment regulation.


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