The residential and commercial areas are major sources of generation of solid waste. Based on the average per capita generation of municipal solid waste, it can be estimated that the waste generated from the households is about 635 MT. The commercial areas like CMR central, RTC Bus stand, Purna Market, Nehru Bazaar, Beach Road, Madhurawada Junction generates a high quantity of solid waste.

The average per capita waste generation of solid waste in Visakhapatnam was observed to be 0.45-0.47 kg/per capita/day. It is noticed that the waste generation from High-income groups was found to be 0.40 Draft Report other commercial establishments’ details its/municipal solid waste, it – 0.45 kg/day and from the low-income groups between 0.35-0.40 kg/day. The commercial and the street sweepings also contribute to an increase in the per capita waste generation for the city of Visakhapatnam.

It is noticed that the per capita waste generation is in the range of 0.450.47kg/per capita/day which falls under middle-Income group as per the pa terns of composition characteristics and quantities mentioned in the Municipal Solid Waste CPHEEO manual.

The quantity of waste generation based on per capita population Visakhapatnam is estimated at site considering various ward wise activities which I include residential, commercial and street sweeping activities. For the present DPR, the per capita was kg/capita/day with data generated at the site during a site survey. The estimated quantity is also matched with the CPCB document on MSW. The reason for the higher per material in Visakhapatnam and due to commercial establishments. The ratio of residential, commercial and street sweeping is found to be around 32:57:11 which indicate the higher commercial waste generation. Detailed survey work has been carried out as per the MSW rules 2000 collecting the waste samples from individually identified residences, commercial areas from different wards. However, data generated in the previous age-old data is also collected as secondary data from each ward and compiled waste generation. Draft Report 0.35-0.40 kg/day. The commercial and the street capita population of Visakhapatnam waste generation from Visakhapatnam has considered 0.48 capita waste generation is due to the packets with the present quantified waste generation.


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